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562.02Question: Reducing the distance between people is characterized by the following features: joy, constant dialogue, unity, attuning to each other, and rejection of all manipulative control and desire for superiority over the person. However, the excessive intensity of the described motivation—obsessive, friendly love—leads to disharmony, dissatisfaction, and fatigue. How do you keep distance without increasing it?

Answer: This should be done in accordance with the feelings of people. To the extent that they feel comfortable with each other, they will draw closer and adjust the distance between them accordingly.

Question: In different countries, people define and protect the boundaries of personal space in different ways. There is a big difference between Russia, Europe, and Asia.

In addition, there is a difference between men and women. Men are much stronger and more acutely aware of the violation of distance. Do we need to take these phenomena into account in our courses, meetings, and congresses?

Answer: We teach quite a diverse contingent, so such things should be considered but in such a way that everyone is comfortable.

Question: We all know that there is a distance between a boss and subordinate, teacher and student. Should there be a distance between the teacher in our integral courses and the students he unites?

Answer: It should be in order to give students the opportunity to vary and determine the distance between themselves and the teacher. The teacher should not interfere with this. By teaching people and giving them all sorts of practical tasks he leads them to the maximum rapprochement, but in no case by force.
From KabTVs “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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