A Ten—Dissolving Myself In Others

939.02Question: Does the revelation of the spiritual vessel depend on the request of everyone in the ten or do I only ask for our unity and reveal myself in the vessel?

Answer: Either I ask or everyone asks or each one asks individually and all this comes together. The main thing is that I ask through everyone and for everyone.

Of course, what others do affects me. I want it to come from others too. On the whole it is enough that I ask for everyone. This is the prayer of many and this is the precondition for it.

Nothing will help without the prayer of many. You can hit your head against the wall, yell and cry for days, and you will not get a response. Unfortunately, this is how millions of people around the world spend their lives. Today there are fewer such people, but for ages there were a great many.

Why doesn’t the Creator answer them? It is because they don’t appeal to Him correctly. He cannot hear them. He is everywhere, but by “everywhere” we refer to an organized ten, which means to a Partzuf. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about this. This is the reason that many people negate the existence of the Creator in our world, and it is indeed so, because He does not exist the way we imagine Him.

The Creator is the common filling, animating us inner power of nature, consisting of desire.

The Creator is the internal force of nature that fills and sustains us, who consist of desire. The Creator fills this desire, but we can appeal to Him only from a whole desire to resemble Him. The elementary resemblance to Him is a ten. He created us through the four phases of direct light, so this is the only way we can appeal to Him, there is no other way.

Question: When we come to a convention, with every lesson we have a new ten. What should we do in this situation so as not to get attached to the physical ten?

Answer: You may not be attached to the ten, but you should appeal to the Creator only through your concrete dissolving in others. A ten actually refers to dissolving of oneself in others.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/6/19

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