Personal Zone Invasion

939.01Question: There are different types of distances between people. There is an intimate zone with a distance of 15 to 45 centimeters into which only the closest ones, for example, children and parents are allowed to enter.

The personal zone from 45 to 120 centimeters is used in everyday communication with familiar people.

The social zone is from 120 centimeters to 4 meters. We communicate at work and with strangers within this distance.

The public area, with a distance of more than 4 meters, is used in lectures and meetings, etc. Is it permissible in the educational process to violate the intimate zone by, for example, sitting closer at a workshop or hugging when singing songs, etc.?

Answer: It depends on what the workshop is about and its purpose. If people learn integral interaction and rapprochement with each other, then gradually, to the extent that they receive theoretical material, they must also implement it in practice. Therefore, of course, practical exercises are implemented.

When we sit closer to each other, we can talk about more intimate processes we are going through. We can join hands, dance, eat together, and use all kinds of human communication.

Comment: Let’s say, as an instructor, I understand that this should not be done right away, but only after two or three months of training. Nevertheless, we must still take into account the individual characteristics of each person. Anyways, there are those people who move faster and there are those who find it more difficult.

My Response: You should know your students because after several lessons you can already see with whom you can continue rapprochement, with whom not, who needs more explanation, and who should be given some examples.

Question: Is it necessary to include public opinion or still wait until the person wants to?

Answer: Not public opinion but the opinion of the group. It is necessary.

The group, with its common opinion, will influence everyone and, as a result, everyone will gradually, more or less, come to some common denominator, common state, or common opinion. This is the nature of a group when people work together, study, and communicate.

We must raise the importance of the goal to which we are moving and this importance will affect every person.
From KabTV’s”Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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