The Means For Exiting Into The Upper World

600.01Question: There is a small letter addressed to you: “’You have repeatedly said how a person is influenced by the environment and that it is the only thing both we, adults and children, need. It builds us, directs us, corrects us. The main thing is to have a good, correct environment’. But then what do we do now? During the pandemic, we are practically isolated from each other, except for the family, of course. What shapes me now? Who influences me?”

Answer: Society, first of all.

Question: Where is it? Apart from my family, I do not have much contact.

Answer: No, it does not matter. We are in a world that is influencing us. It is all in the atmosphere. That is the first thing. Secondly, I am, of course, influenced by my immediate environment. My family. Maybe I am working. I am also in all kinds of small environments, companies.

Thirdly, if, let us say I am talking about myself, I have another circle, the most important one for me, of like-minded people. We organize an environment for ourselves that elevates us above the pandemic, above this world, above things that ordinary people see here. In this environment, we are trying to create conditions in order to feel the upper world.

Question: If we are talking about an ordinary person, what does this environment give him?

Answer: It gives him a sense of the eternity of nature, the opportunity to enter this feeling and exist in it with a higher focus, purpose.

Question: Is this necessary for any person today?

Answer: I cannot imagine what one would do without this. Why live? Today will pass, tomorrow will pass, again and again. Even without football! It will be even worse. We will soon begin to feel how much we have exhausted the Earth, exhausted ourselves, human nature, human society, how poor we are in general. What can I fill myself with at least a little?! On one hand, there is no desire for anything, and on the other hand, the fulfillments disappear.

Question: Were we deliberately driven today into this box—our house?

Answer: Yes. This is a wonderful period! Recognition of the evil of our egoism and where it has led us. This is the first thing that should happen. Second, I start looking for an environment that is engaged only in connecting with each other to rise to the next level of nature, to climb upon it, to cling to the next level of nature, where there is bestowal, love, where a person lives not with the help of egoistic desire, but altruistically.

This is what will give a person unlimited fulfillment. We will begin to feel ourselves existing in a common space that is simply hidden from us today; we do not feel it because all our organs are egoistic. Then we will exit ourselves and begin to feel nature outside of us.

It is like that little worm that lives in a radish and suddenly sticks its head out of the radish and exclaims: “I thought the whole world was as bitter as this radish! Now I see the sun, the air, and the birds are singing. How lovely!”

Question: Where is the environment in this story with the little worm?

Answer: This is exactly what allows the worm to get out of the radish.

Question: Otherwise would he have continued living in it?

Answer: Yes, of course. Just like we still do today.

Comment: I see. It means we need to get out of the radish.

Answer: Good luck!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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