Authorities Change

214We are always under the authority of the Creator although we do not understand it and do not feel it; in other words, we do not accept it either in our mind or in our heart. We come into this world and start to grow completely immersed in our egoism, enslaved by a special force that depicts to us a deceptive picture, as if there is no control over us but that we ourselves are managing the world.

A baby grows into a child, then into an adult, but he does not stop thinking that the world is controlled by people like himself. It is only necessary to defeat others in this struggle for power.

However, if we want to reveal the Creator, we must relinquish our control, decide that we do not want to rule or manage the world, we want to suppress this egoistic inclination within us. Then we discover that the egoism also does not belong to us, but belongs to the upper force. I used to think that the egoism is me: I want to control and make decisions, everything is me-me-me!

It turns out that this is not so. If I try to come out from the feeling of my “I” a little bit, I feel that it is not me but the Creator. This is not quite what I used to imagine. Therefore, my attitude toward my egoism and the Creator changes. I need to start positioning myself between the two of them, cancel my egoism, the first upper force, and wish that the second force, the Creator, will govern in its place. Between the two of them, in their confrontation, I establish myself.

If I want to annul myself with the help of a group and the study, then I become more and more included in the ten and in the Creator. These two forces are intended to help me replace the control of the egoistic force with the control of the force of bestowal and love.

We live in the last generation; therefore, we must reveal all these forces in the world and change the governance in it from the governance of egoism to a governance that is still unknown to us. The whole world around us is changing according to our internal changes that we have already made or are about to make.

The last generation is special because these changes are taking place in a large mass of people, in the Bnei Baruch world group. The world is also undergoing similar changes albeit at a lower level. It is like when parents are concerned about all sorts of adult problems at work and in society, they also affect the children, change their world, and the situation at home.

Therefore, in the last generation, everyone is experiencing qualitative changes, each one according to their degree. The world is undergoing huge changes, even the media is becoming a means of disconnection. The general recognition of evil is happening, which brings us closer to spiritual birth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/21, “Ibur (Conception) and Preparation to Birth”

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