“You Have Made Me”

528.02If you connect two electrical wires one with positive and the other with negative voltage, you get a short circuit. It is impossible to connect plus and minus with each other. Therefore, you need to give them work by putting a load, a resistor between them.

If we work together above our nature, then we accumulate efforts between us in trying to cleave to each other. By the fact that each person wants to adjust himself to the other, we build a mini-system of the Creator between us. After all, I treat you with love, and you treat me the same. Each of us takes the power of bestowal from the Creator, turning with it to another, building between us a small Creator, a small system of loyal connections and then even love.

This is how mini-systems are built between all: I am in bestowal toward you, and you are in bestowal toward me. But bestowal is already the force of the Creator, that is, we build the Creator between us in this way, as it is said: “You have made Me.”

We build such passages between each and every one—the property of the Creator that binds us. When everyone unites with everyone in this way, it turns out that we have built the Creator and revealed Him.

That is why the Creator broke our common soul, so that we would reveal Him, feel as if He did not create us but that we gave birth to the Creator. Thus, we become similar to the Creator and understand His plan, that is, we achieve complete adhesion to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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