Why Does The Creator Hide From Us?

249.01It is written: “You have made Me.” Yet, how can this be if the Creator is the only force that exists in the universe? This force contains everything, and apart from it there is nothing, nothing extends beyond its borders. Everything comes to life within the Creator, including us.

How can we create the Creator? Didn’t the Creator create us, because there is no one else? The Creator faced a difficult task: to create a creation and develop it so that it becomes independent. It is what we do when we want to foster independence in our children. The Creator, however, had a more difficult task because there is no other force beside Him.

Let’s say we grew up and found out that there is no one else beside the Creator and we are inside this force that influences us. Then what can we do by ourselves?

Therefore, on one hand, the Creator fills the entire universe and controls everything, but on the other hand, we do not see this because He is hidden. This is what we sometimes do with our children, we don’t want to help them so we hide so that they can work on their own and learn how to build something. Apparently, the Creator is concealed because He wanted to make us independent.

On the other hand, we need to learn to live in the world as if the Creator is present. And if He were revealed, we would do exactly what we are doing now when He is hidden. This state is called complete faith. First and foremost, we must reach it: faith above reason, bestowal above the force of reception, above the force of our egoism.

It is possible to overcome egoism only if there is something bigger than it, the force of bestowal. We are made of the of the desire to receive pleasure, and it is not impressed by words but bows to power. If my egoism feels the greatness of the Creator, it will do everything that the Creator commands. Yet, if my egoism feels its own greatness, it follows all the orders of egoism. It is obvious that either one or the other force governs: either the force of our egoism or the force of the Creator’s bestowal.

We behave according to the one that influences us. If egoism were openly active in us, we would obey it in everything and would be called wicked, complete egoists. In fact, this is what is happening now.

And if the Creator were revealed and allowed us to see that He fills the world, if the force and superiority of the will to bestow were revealed, we would immediately bow before it and obey its orders in everything. Sometimes it even happens; suddenly the greatness of the Creator is revealed a little, and we are ready to give and love for a while until this miracle disappears.

Such impulses come and go in order to show us that this is possible, but only if we are more impressed with the greatness of the Creator than with the greatness of our egoism. In other words, the question is who will rule: the will to receive or the will to bestow? There are only these two forces in nature.

However, if we behaved in this way, we would either be criminals who follow only our will to receive or angels who act according to the will to bestow. One or the other force would fully govern us, and we would remain animals, either predatory or holy, acting according to inner instinct. In this form, we are not similar to the Creator, we are not human, Adam, because we did not choose to be egoists or saints.

Then how to make us free so that we can choose whether to receive or to bestow, whether to be opposite from the Creator or like Him? The Creator was faced with the task of making man free so that he will choose what he prefers: either to be an egoist like creation or an altruist like the Creator and become His son, partner, ands similar to the Creator.

The Creator thought and found a solution: put an intermediary between the will to receive and the will to bestow, between the two opposite forces, so that the creation can consist of the will to receive, but will be able to shift to the intention for the sake of bestowal. The Creator created a situation where the creation can be impressed with the greatness of the Creator, the greatness of bestowal, but not directly from the upper force so as not to bow before it, but to study this state to the extent of its desire.

If a person really wants to recognize the greatness of the Creator, but not as His slave, then it is necessary to build a special state for him called the group. In the group, he has the opportunity to decide how much to surrender to his friends, and to this extent to be impressed by the greatness of the Creator.

The Creator is always present in the group but in a concealed way. To the extent that a person yearns to feel the greatness of the Creator through the group, he can feel Him. However, he will feel the Creator and His greatness, not directly but through his friends, through his subjugation before them. In this way, he acquires the force of bestowal and gradually becomes man, Adam, similar to the Creator, an independent person and not an angel.

By connecting with his friends, with the ten, a person shows his desire to be included in the quality of bestowal and operate with this quality received from the Creator through the ten, gradually growing in spirituality. He uses the quality of bestowal creatively, not under coercion, and builds himself as an independent individual similar to the Creator.

This will be true love and bestowal, not forced like in a slave out of fear or under pressure, but as a free person.
From the 3rd lesson of the Virtual Congress 12/12/20, “You have made Me, building the greatness of the Creator”

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