Changing One Feeling For Another

632.1Question: You often say that love and hate must exist at the same time, and that love must cover hate. What does this mean?

Answer: This means that when we ascend in Kabbalistic practice according to our properties, then love and hate replace each other and help each other, just as the left and right legs help each other when walking.

Therefore, the more I am in love, the more I fall into hatred, and, from it, I rise again into even greater love and fall into even greater hatred. And so it is constantly.

Question: But how can these two feelings exist at the same time?

Answer: At the same time in what? It is that we correct the so-called Aviut (hatred, the opposite) by contraction, by the screen, by lifting ourselves above it. So we balance these two feelings all the time but they are both in our power. We do not obey them, rather, they obey us.

Question: So it doesn’t happen at the same time? If I love, is love still dominant?

Answer: You, yourself, specifically, change one feeling for another in order to alternate and step forward: left-right, left-right.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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