Out Of Self-Love

543.02Question: They say that all the problems in life arise only because of self-love. Why?

Answer: Whatever we do, we initially do it only out of self-love. I love myself and, as it seems to me, I do everything that can help me, fill me, and please me. So, for my own sake, I am ready to destroy nature, to do anything. All the problems arise precisely because I think only of myself.

Question: Now a pandemic is spreading in the world. Is it because I think of myself?

Answer: Of course. Because of the fact that people think only of themselves such “vermins” appear.

Question: At the same time, they say that if a person does not love himself, he will not be able to love others. Does it mean that self-love is necessary in order to love others?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise, a person will not have an example of how he should love others. He must love himself. That is why it is said: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Comment: It means that narcissistic egoists …

My Response: Very nice people. It is just necessary to turn their idea of pleasure to the fact that by bestowing pleasure to others, they themselves will receive pleasure.

Question: Why do people so often hide love but openly express hatred?

Answer: Love obliges and perhaps shows me my weakness. And hatred, on the contrary, suggests that I am, as it were, above others, that I am not afraid of them, and that I am ready, as it appears to me, to show my correct attitude toward others.

Question: Sometimes a person thinks that he already loves everyone. How to pass such a test of love so that a person does not deceive himself?

Answer: Offer him to work one day for someone. Let him try and see how his pride obscures all his horizons.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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