What Is The Reason For Unfounded Feelings?

629.3Question: Some researchers say that the two opposites, love and hatred, are united by the  importance of feelings for an object. When I love or hate someone, that person is equally important to me. Importance gives rise to dependency and fear. A person constantly thinks about the object of their love or hatred. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: In principle, yes. But it is difficult for me to talk about this because Kabbalah does not use such definitions. Everything is very dry and scientific in it and explicitly defined in relation to egoism.

Remark: Scientists seem to want to say that love and hatred are very similar and one easily turns into the other.

My Comment: Yes, they are very close. A person falls from one state to another and rises again.

Question: There are such concepts as unfounded love and unfounded hatred. If you have done something bad to me, it is clear that I hate you. What is unfounded hatred?

Answer: Unfounded hatred is a state when a person cannot determine the reason for their hatred. In fact, there is a reason. Either it is inherent in nature itself instinctively, like a cat with a mouse, or it is somehow acquired. But it does exist.

The reason comes from nature itself. A person cannot explain why they hate another person, but they do. It is the same with love.

There is always a reason why you love someone. For example, you like the color of a person’s eyes or something else. You may not know why you like him or her, it is just that these tastes are embedded in you.

This does not depend on any physical actions: yours in relation to him or her and his or hers in relation to you. You simply see a person and you are attracted to them.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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