Invest In One’s Own Soul

559Question: Many Kabbalistic sources speak of bestowal. What kind of giving are we talking about if we, as creatures, cannot give?

Answer: It’s very simple. You must change your attitude toward people, consider them close, dear, necessary to you. And then you will be able to give to them as you would to your child.

Question: That is, if I treat a child this way naturally, then here I need to make an effort? After all, it is completely unnatural to treat an absolute stranger in the same way as your child and to receive pleasure from that.

Answer: Yes. But for this I need to see the general picture of the universe, to feel how we are all interconnected, how through my friends I can reach a higher, spiritual state. And then I go to them and contact them. They become dear to me, because I suddenly discover that they are parts of my soul. So do I really give it to them? In fact, I do not give to them, but I invest in my soul. This is love.

Question: So, love for one’s neighbor, unity, which is described in thousands of Kabbalistic sources, is impossible until a person sees that he is part of a common system, a soul?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise, I simply cannot bestow. I will not have the heart to do that. This is against the law of nature.

To do this, we need to see that each of us is a part of a huge global system and we are all completely dependent on each other in such a way when those who are outside of me define all of me. And therefore, if I take care of them, I will secure my future. And if I go into a state where I think only about them, and not about myself, then I will ensure myself a perfect future.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/28/19

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