Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/30/20

962.2Question: How do you understand the expression: “be yourself”?

Answer: It means finding yourself.

Question: What advice has helped you in life?

Answer: Everything that happens is moving toward perfection.

Question: What was your most daring decision?

Answer: I don’t know. Probably it has not happened yet.

Question: What was the biggest disappointment you faced?

Answer: When, at the beginning of the journey, I discovered that I was not capable of anything.

Question: What was the most incredible coincidence that has happened in your life?

Answer: When I realized that all people are exactly the same as me. All in all, there is absolutely the same opportunity to be a righteous and a sinner.

Question: What episode in your life are you deeply ashamed of?

Answer: The fact is that since I realized that everything comes from above, this question does not come up in me. The feeling of shame arises only when a person stands before the Creator and understands that certain properties and situations were given to him in order to become like the Creator and he did not. In all other respects, the Creator controls us.

Question: What event caused your greatest fear in life?

Answer: I don’t even know. I do not remember.

Question: Is it true that old age has its advantages?

Answer: Each age has its advantages. It all depends on how you perceive youth or old age, strength or weakness.

Question: What was the nicest day of your life?

Answer: When I first found myself in front of my teacher.

Question: Do you have a motto?

Answer: Motto: “Only forward.”

Question: What are the biggest difficulties you experienced in life on the way to the goal?

Answer: If I do not feel any resistance, if I feel that I am forgotten, that I have no haters, then this is the worst of all.

Question: What have you radically changed in your life, and how did it turn out for you?

Answer: I left my previous job, my previous occupations, changed my profession and absolutely my whole life in order to study Kabbalah.

Question: What would happen on earth if each person possessed the maximum intelligence? Would the world be a better place?

Answer: No. All this must be left to the Creator, and we must do what is entrusted to us. That is, within the framework in which we exist, in which He gave birth to us, we try to achieve similarity to Him.

Question: When is it worth breaking off a relationship? How to do it correctly?

Answer: I think it does not depend on the person.

Question: Does the person’s appearance affect your attitude toward him?

Answer: Yes, it does. I always pay attention to a person’s appearance, to his behavior, to his desire to enter into correct communication.

Question: How can you comfort people properly?

Answer: Sympathy, I guess.

Question: What relationship do you remember the most in your life?

Answer: Mutual assistance—that which is required from person to person.

Question: What type of relationship should we come to?

Answer: To the fact that I do not feel the difference, the distance, between me and others.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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