People As Far Away As East From West

551Question: Western people are subject to a lot of psychological pressure and stress. They cannot concentrate on anything for a long time, unlike Eastern people.

Recently, special meditation practices have been developed for Westerners, which involve a large number of actions. A person does not just sit and concentrate on one thing, as in the Indian teachings, but on the contrary, performs many actions to calm down.

Do you think Westerners should practice meditation?

Answer: I do not think this will help much because Westerners and Easterners have completely different psychological models, personalities with different goals. What is created in Western society can only be applied there. Neither the Native Americans, nor the Indians of Asia, nor the Africans can have this.

It is possible that something Western can be, somehow, applied in Russia, but also here we see that this lasts only in a special group of the population that is similar in its level of intelligence and mentality to the West.

In principle, each continent has its own internal prerequisite, which method of attitude to the world, to the development of itself and society is chosen by the population. Europeans are Europeans, North Americans are North Americans, although, in principle, they are the same Europeans who managed to suppress the culture of the Native Americans.

South America is South America because the psychology of the indigenous peoples there dominates. When you come to one of the South American countries, you immediately understand that this is a special world. It is the same in Asia and Africa.

You cannot make one type of person into another. The only thing we can do is leave everyone with their own perception of the world and lead them to understand the need for the proper integration among all. At the same time, everyone remains in their own culture, as it was once said in the Soviet Union: “national in form, but socialist in content.”

It is the same here. The content should be Kabbalistic. This is an aspiration to a common world, to connection, kindness, and love but in the form in which a person understands the language of nature, and can correctly understand others.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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