In Isolation At Home

570Question: During the first quarantine, there was a surge in domestic violence. Now the second quarantine is on its way. It has already been introduced in Israel. Public organizations are sounding the alarm.

What should spouses do during home isolation?

Answer: I would advise them to keep their distance to the extent that they can be on good terms. Regulate physical closeness with each other depending on the spiritual disposition toward each other.

You cannot do anything here; we are people. It is very difficult for us to control our egoism, our nerves, and our habits. We need to understand each other, talk about this topic within the family, and try to manage it.

Remark: It is interesting that the principle “the closer—the worse, the further—the better” works here.

My Comment: This is because we are egoistic. We are used to running into each other for half an hour in the morning before work, a half an hour or an hour in the evening, perhaps when we have dinner together, and somewhat when we go to bed, although this is more likely communication not between people but between the sexes.

Based on this, our life, of course, is rather poor.

Question: So, the main thing is to talk to each other more often, to communicate more?

Answer: Of course. But this does not mean that we should impose something on each other. We need to discuss everything as frankly as possible, not hide anything, so that the other understands what I think, what I want, etc. I, in turn, should try to express my personal opinion and not the one that I caught from some television series or from somewhere else.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/27/20

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