To Love Is To Rejoice In The Success Of Another

285.02Question: Why do you always say that you don’t envy your children or your students?

Answer: I love them and therefore am happy for their advancement. There can be no envy here because I invest in them and, as it were, continue my life in them.

Question: So, if a person loves someone, he can’t be envious of them?

Answer: No, at least not evil envy for sure and not even kind envy. I’m just happy with what he has.

Question: And if our goal is to come to love our neighbor, then it turns out that without envy we will not develop?

Answer: The fact is that love will encourage us to invest even more in each other. When a person who is close to me starts to achieve great things, I will not envy him but will be happy for him. I’ll sort of participate in it.

Question: Is there envy for the Creator, the original source who created us?

Answer: No. Maybe only at the beginning. This is the feeling you get when you think of the Creator as something foreign. When you begin to realize, understand, and feel that this is something above you, embracing everything, and you are in Him, and there is no one else besides Him, then there is no envy.

This is something so voluminous, beyond all possible sensations or possibilities of comprehension, that I can’t envy Him.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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