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625.03Question: There is a trend today in the world, whether one is in first grade, completing a doctorate, or taking an advanced training course, you need to constantly study. What happened to our world? Why does a person have to study something all the time until he retires? This was not the case before.

Answer: Technology and electronics are constantly changing in the world, programs are changing, and thinking is changing. We are very closely connected with consumers. If in earlier times, products were developed and manufactured within 10 to 20 years; today it happens very quickly. Modern equipment and technology are based on software management.

Question: What is the essence of this phenomenon? Why do these changes occur?

Answer: Because we have moved from developing products in matter, for example: in casting, smelting, forging, to computer development. And this is very dynamic. Therefore, we all need to know program management, program development, etc.

Question: Is it somehow connected with internal changes in man?

Answer: Of course. As we change, the world around us also changes. We see it differently and adapt it to ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/24/20

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