Dependency On All Of Humanity

20Question: There is a law in nature: the general and the particular are equal. It also manifests itself on the corporeal level between people. How can I verify that the advancement of other people depends on my connection to the whole world?

Answer: This is determined by how much you annul yourself before the higher governing power. This awareness is an indicator of progress because by annulling yourself, you come to the fact that you are in control of the world.

Question: Can the feeling of confidence in achieving the goal, which comes from the environment, also be considered an indicator?

Answer: The goal does not come from the environment; it passes to you through the environment. And therefore, if you associate with it, you come closer to the goal.

Question: My ability to check to what extent in each action I can abstract from my personal gain and act for the sake of this mini-society, mini-model of humanity, can this also be an indicator of progress?

Answer: Yes. Exactly to the extent to which you connect yourself not with yourself but with the environment, with humanity, or with higher systems.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 02/07/20

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