A Happy Balance: “We And The World”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that through advances in technology, people got more free time and that they could study science, culture, and philosophy as something not essential for life. Today, in our free time are we beginning to develop an “inner industry”?

Answer: First of all, everyone must go through educational courses: a long and pleasant study of a new world, the structure of man, his psychology, the relationships between people: parents and children, spouses, child-rearing, the structure of society, and the history of egoistic development. We need to examine global and integral systems with the example of the human body and the structure of the universe. A person should be a little more developed.

But all this is studied in a soft, gentle form, without any examinations, but through discussions, empathy, and communication within the group. This is not a class where you come in, learn, and go home as soon as possible. You are in this atmosphere because you need to know yourself and the world in which you live, just as we teach children. After all, what do we want from them? We want them to know the world in which they exist, and to learn to put to good use everything that surrounds them.

Adults should learn the same things now because they have not been taught that! “I and the world” is the essence of the study. They also should learn how this “I and the world” turns into “We and the world,” and then this “We and the world” turns into one big whole, into an integral system.

This is what we teach people because the general law of nature is balance. Inside this state of equilibrium, we feel most comfortable. Everything tends to equilibrium. That’s why it’s necessary to show people the laws existing at all levels in physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology, to see that this is true. And then it’s clear that human society is also obliged to be organized on the same principle.

This is not mysticism, but a serious science. We do so, not because some Lenin or Trotsky decided to implement such an idea, but because the nature of the global crisis compels us to do it. And we do so not because we are communists embodying the ideas of Marx, but because we have learned this from modern life, and we see that in fact, he was right.

Marx was right in what he said about the crisis. He did not really delve into how to realize this in practice. But in order to implement this, we address all the professionals that exist in our world. And whom can we trust if not scientists? We build everything on their recommendations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 6, 1/3/12

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