The Vaccine Is Already There In Every Heart

284.01The main thing in the fight against coronavirus is to understand the disease itself. Until we understand what state we are in, we will not be able to move forward to the next stage toward healing. After all, nature is not going to give us a miracle cure that will allow us to end the virus and forget about it.

Nature’s purpose is not to guide us through the disease and cure us. Nature wants the suffering from the virus to compel us to reveal the human factor in it, that is, our disconnection and unkind relations with each other.

And then we will correct the attitude of one to another, in order to start worrying about what other people think and feel, we will understand what is in their hearts. If we do not establish such a relationship, we will continue to suffer from the coronavirus or other viruses that are behind it in a long line. The epidemic will not end because we are in a new era and are obliged to correct the peoples’ attitude toward others.

Every bad state is the result of our hatred for each other. The very realization of this already serves as the beginning of the treatment. If humanity hears this message, this is already half of the cure. We don’t need all these vaccines. Every country is now trying to be the first to release a vaccine against the coronavirus, not in order to cure humanity, but to make money on it.

This is exactly the opposite action. Every country wants to sell a vaccine. It is not proud of the fact that it can save all of humanity, it does not offer everyone: “Take our vaccine and be treated!” No, it says, “Buy this.” That is, here we are acting exactly opposite of how this blow directs us. And so the vaccine will not bring any improvement.

But we already have a cure for the coronavirus, we have a vaccine. And it is very simple: a kind attitude toward each other neutralizes all viruses. Did you want a vaccine? You have it! Everyone has a cure for the virus in their hearts. Use it! Nothing is needed other than this.

This antivirus in the heart is love, unity, closeness of the heart. It is the most reliable medicine that destroys all viruses. Let’s run clinical trials like trial vaccines are being tested now. We will organize a group in which people really start to get closer to each other, and make sure that they are not affected by the coronavirus.

And in this a woman with her mother’s heart has a special role. If women really wanted to get rid of the coronavirus, and realized that this was possible due to their joint efforts, they would do it.

Otherwise, the epidemic will grow, because the summer is over and children are returning to school. And then the time will come for holidays, festive gatherings and prayers. If we leave everything as it is, there will be no end to the blows. Nature will not yield.

We are in a new era called the “last generation,” and we must come to love our neighbor as ourselves. Only this can be a cure for all diseases that are now awaiting humanity, in all forms. We don’t even know where to expect blows from, but they will come.

We hope that women all over the world will hear us and understand that in the heart of every person, and especially women, there is a power that can save everyone. It seems that the relationship between people has no connection with the virus, with chemistry and biology, but in fact it does. Our relationship has the highest, hidden power, and therefore, only by correcting them, can we cope with viruses. Otherwise, we will all suffer, and above all, women.

Understanding that the virus appears as a result of an egoistic connection between us, and good relations destroy the virus and serve as a medicine—this very knowledge will already begin to heal us. Good relationships are the source of all good, and the lack of such connection is the source of all evil, and the coronavirus is meant to prove it to us.

A woman as a mother should direct the whole family to treat others kindly. Do you remember how our mother instructed us, sending us to school or walking in the yard: “Be a good child, do not fight, and then they will not hurt you either. Cross the street only along the proper passage. Take care of others, help them, and then they will help you too.” This is called being a “good kid.” So let’s all be good kids. And women, mothers, must tell us this. After all, we do not lose anything by it!

Why do we teach children to behave well on the street and are confident that it will do them good? Because we know that kindness evokes kindness in return. And it’s the same here, let’s become kinder to each other and see how it helps. And if it suddenly does not destroy the coronavirus, then what do we lose by limiting our selfishness a little, which brings us so many troubles?

It is worth trying the medicine that is already within us. It already exists, we don’t need to invent anything. And I am sure that if we use this medicine that is in our heart, we will defeat all viruses.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 8/30/20

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