If We Just Want to Live

115.06The world has already gone through all the preparatory stages: the ultra-right regimes and the ultra-left and came to complete confusion and misunderstanding. Nobody knows what to do next, and here the direct path is revealed.

During the history of mankind, on the path of evolution, we were figuring out where to go: to the left or to the right. But in the end, we see that nothing remains, we are at a dead-end in terms of all areas: ecology, human society, education, our whole life.

We tried all the methods and made sure that there is not a single method or program left with which to go forward. There is nothing that would attract from the front or push from behind. It is not clear what to do.

Here the method of the science of the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, explaining to us that we are in the so-called last generation precisely because we have already experienced all the paths. We tried to use our egoism on both the right and the left sides, everything in an egoistic form.

We are immersed in our egoism, and we can either receive in it or give. But both of these actions, produced within egoism, lead to destruction: in the case of receiving—as in Nazi Germany, and with giving—as in communist Russia. We have already completely exhausted these egoistic forms, both right and left. There is nothing else that remains.

Now we only need to rise up to the second floor, to the what is called faith above knowledge, to the power of bestowal, instead of the power of receiving. We have already squeezed out this power of reception to the last trying to find ways of development. There is no way to develop further in egoism. There is nothing more to do on this egoistic plane; all attempts will lead us to new destruction.

Even if we do nothing, we have already done so much bad for our planet that we will inevitably continue to slide lower and lower even without adding anything to the damage. There are several decades left and life on this Earth will be finished.

Human egoism can be corrected only by the method of Kabbalah with the help of the power received from above, which raises us above our egoism. This is how we build the right connection between people. In Germany they wanted to do it their own way, in Russia in their own way: some on the right side, others on the left. Both attempts resulted in destruction.

Now the question is: what to do? To rise to the spiritual level, above egoism, and start working for the sake of bestowal—only this way remains for humanity. To rise to the spiritual level means to do everything for the good of the people.

We can no longer use our egoism. All people must understand, feel, and draw conclusions from their lives that the use of egoism destroys us at the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels in the field of ecology, and at the human level in the sphere of society.

There is no other way out. If we simply want to live, then we can no longer swing either to the left or to the right, but must rise above our nature.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/20, Bnei Baruch As a State of Transition

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