The Impossibility To Exist In The Same Framework

562.02Question: We see that every next generation strives more for freedom, breaks the limits of life’s restrictions, severs them. Where does this desire come from?

Answer: Each next generation does not break the previous framework, but simply cannot exist in it because the generation itself is different. It has different desires, different egoism, different priorities. Therefore, it cannot fulfill the conditions and restrictions that the previous generations performed with pleasure or with minimal energy.

Question: We see that the world is striving for greater interconnection. Integration is manifesting very strongly today. People move from place to place, privileges change, nations’ borders become more open. In nature, there are trends toward greater freedom and fewer limits. Is there any contradiction in this?

Answer: No. It is just that humanity is beginning to feel the next level of its development. Therefore, the previous framework no longer seems necessary.

We believe that the new generation does not want our conditions, our laws. It is simply created with such desires that can not comply with these conditions and feel them as necessary.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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