A Look From Your Own Selfishness

565.01Remark: Each person sees in his partner only those qualities that are present in himself in an uncorrected form, according to the principle “each judges according to his own flaws.”

My Comment: The fact is that we can perceive nature only in our material senses. Perceiving others in our egoistic properties, we draw their images accordingly. Naturally, everyone who denounces others does it out of his own egoism.

Remark: Today many psychologists believe that a person’s properties do not change, and therefore one cannot demand changes from a partner.

My Comment: No, they can change. We can even change each other, but not by pressure, shouting, or beating, but only by a soft example.

Remark: But you said that character traits do not change, but their application changes. If a person uses them in order to keep a family, then any qualities, although unchanged, work in the right direction.

My Comment: Absolutely.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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