The Age Of Enlightenment And Emancipation, Part 7

laitman_560How can tension in society be relieved?

Question: If in the past Jews were a homogeneous mass and lived in one place. Then, in the era of Enlightenment, secular, religious, ultra-religious, and various reformist movements appeared. Today we see how the split between the left and the right, the ultra-right and ultra-left, extremists, and all others is going on.

I understand that this is how nature pushes us toward development, toward diversity, but how can such different movements get along? It is not clear how this is going to happen. What is the next stage?

Answer: The next stage is the realization of the evil of our nature, our state, the society that we have created proceeding from our egoism, and how to rise above this, correct and raise ourselves to the next level of development: communication, connection, and ascent to the level of the Creator.

Comment: But it is not that all these movements do not understand each other, they do not even confront and do not want to hear each other!

My Response: We have again come to a state when a huge internal tension has accumulated in society where each movement does not understand what is in front of it. We only understand our final component: nothing good will happen if this continues. There will not even be the existence that used to be before. We are heading for some kind of a disaster.

Therefore, I believe that people are internally ready for big changes. However, on the other hand, they are scared and do not want it.

Question: Take, for example, the secular, ultra-religious, and reformists. They have to unite somehow. What will be the essence of this unity?

Answer: They will not be able to unite.

Comment: But you say that the people of Israel must become one.

My Response: This is a gradual process. I believe that this is possible only if non-religious people and perhaps partial reformists begin to study Kabbalah and understand that it addresses a person: how one should correct oneself and society. Proceeding from this, they will be able to attain the upper world and reveal their upper predestination for themselves and for the whole world.

And the ultra-religious circles will come to this in the last turn, against their will, by diffusion, slowly being included into them. But this process is gradual and consistent since all of them at once will not be able to get together.

Question: In the human body, all organs differ from each other in their function. But if there is some upper goal, for example, the maintenance of life, then all of them adjust to each other and work in unison.

And for this to happen at the level of society, it is not clear what sublime idea can really equate everyone?

Answer: It is unity. Because in unity the Creator, the upper force, is revealed.

Question: It turns out that without clear revelation of this force there is no chance of getting to reconciliation?

Answer: Without movement toward the revelation of the Creator, there can be nothing. Everything proceeds from the problems that arise in society, and we see how dead-end they are, how they do not allow us to develop, to achieve something. Therefore, all of humanity consciously and inevitably goes to some kind of precipice, beyond which there is emptiness.

And the science of Kabbalah helps to understand why all this exists—to lead us consciously or unconsciously to mutual reconciliation and revelation of the Creator within it.

Comment: That is, the fact that nature pushes us toward such diversity is good, it should be so. But without revelation of the upper force of nature, some kind of initial cause, there can be no unity or even movement toward it.

My Response: There can be no meaning of existence.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/5/19

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