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Humanity has come close to correcting and getting rid of egoism. We will no longer pursue material egoistic values. We will only value the connection between us. No one will harm anyone, just take care of each other.

All problems arise only to lead us to mutual guarantee. By doing so, we restore the unity in which we existed before the breakage of the single soul of ADAM, and to which we must all consciously return today. Therefore, getting closer is the only cure for the Coronavirus.

All nature acts according to the law of mutual guarantee, otherwise it cannot exist. This is insured by natural instinct. But people who are above the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels are obliged to fulfill the guarantee of their own conscious efforts and mutual help.

The crisis has resulted in a slower economy, increased unemployment, lower income—life is shrinking to a sensible size. The new lifestyle will establish a more rational consciousness. We won’t recognize ourselves in a year! But it is better to strive for the basics of rational nature on our own…

It’s a pity that countries do not understand where we’re headed—fewer jobs! We should start preparing for half of the working population having to stay home. How and what to do with them? Organize courses to raise the new society, with a diploma and provision of a scholarship.

We have found ourselves in a new, fairy-tale world of absolute deception, the world of lies. This is how the Internet presents the surrounding world to us. Nothing we check can help us find the truth. Our entire egoistic nature has overflown out of us and filled up virtual space and there is no room left there for the human being…

Any governmental assistance program, financial or otherwise, will only exacerbate the transition toward a new economy and social order. We must retain only the essential jobs and provide all households with income for their essential needs and introduce compulsory education on connection and unity.

The lack of jobs, and the mass protests that will follow as a result will lay the foundation for understanding that the process we’re undergoing is a natural transition to a new society. This is happening partially in the West, but the stubborn Israelis are, as usual, late to the party (Am Kshe Oref – a stiff-necked people). We’ll see the light come winter!

In the spiritual, hatred does not cancel love, but elevates it to the next degree. Both hatred and love come from the Creator. And love grows on account of hatred, in two parallel lines. And joy manifests from them both—in the middle line!

If we begin to sing in the heart, the world will instantly heal itself of all ailments and problems: internal, external, psychological. The heart sings, yearning to unite with everyone, so that together we could turn to the Creator to help us be together, between ourselves and with Him.

We had a wonderful congress. It’s clear that our approach allows for unification in these new conditions. Let’s keep using it! I am infinitely grateful to each one of the participants. We’re going to start planning the next congress—at a higher level still  ourselves determining its degree!

As we draw closer to winter, we’re going to start seeing closures and bankruptcies in retail and service industries, as well as other related unnecessary sectors. Gradually, everything should constrict down to just the essentials. As for people and governments, they must accept it as inevitable and assist with these changes.

Adhesion is achieved precisely through the unification of plus and minus.
You cannot come to adhesion without hatred. What else could serve as the foundation upon which to build unity, if not rejection? What we need is for my thoughts and desires to enter the space between your molecules and weld us together…

The virus will not relent. Increasingly greater problems will manifest until mankind realizes that nature is forcing us toward integral behavior: universal unification with rational consumption, work only to meet necessities while focusing primarily on education and growing the bond between everyone.

Only one Kli (ten) was created. The broader circles (the world Kabbalistic group and all humankind) is the same ten, only in higher resolution, allowing for greater detail and intricacies of being in adhesion with the Creator.

In the material world, a person can be smart and influential. But in the spiritual world, his connection with the ten is of much higher importance, and it gives tremendous spiritual fulfillment. The number of different qualities acquired through connection with others determines the capacity of my spiritual vessel (Kli).

In the material world, the size of a vessel is measured in quantity: one liter, two, a thousand… The greater the vessel’s capacity, the larger it is. In the spiritual world, however, the size of a vessel is determined not by its capacity, but by the quantity of different qualities that determine its resolution: the number of pixels.

In our world, ability is determined by one’s wealth of knowledge, but in the spiritual world, by the number of parts united together, to the degree that differing opinions unite to achieve a common goal. It is precisely this difference and effort to achieve a common goal that determines the size of a spiritual vessel.

The #coronavirus is the solution. Unless we begin caring for others instead of ourselves, the virus will keep raging more and more, “suffocating” us. I must think of how I care for the health of every person, regardless of how distant or near they are.

We don’t know how to arrange life in these new conditions. The blows haven’t even really begun, but we’re already in complete disarray, trying to maintain our existence via the old methods, holding out naive hopes that we’ll be able to go back to the past. Humanity must understand that there’s no going back.

I mustn’t renounce my opinion because I received it from the Creator. I need only admit that the other, opposite opinion has the right to exist alongside my own. Thanks to us creating a space not instead of myself but next to myself, in so doing we make the Creator.

Nature and the Creator are one and the same. Nature’s laws are equal to the Creator’s commandments. We exist inside an absolute law, which is called nature. If we abide by it, we feel good. If we don’t, we harm ourselves and our environment.

We will undoubtedly have to develop toward greater mutual connection. We have received only the first global blow, but it has already demolished the entire foundation upon which our lives over the past several centuries has been built: economy, education, culture. There is no going back to the past. Blows loom ahead…
From Twitter, 8/19/20

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