“Is There A Learning From The Global Corona Pandemic, That We All Are Missing?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is there a learning from the global Corona pandemic, that we all are missing?

We should learn that the coronavirus is not merely a blow to our health and the economy, but it emerged in order to completely transform our lives.

On one hand, many understand that there is a major transition unfolding. On the other hand, we mostly wish to revive our pre-coronavirus lifestyles as soon as we discover a remedy for the disease.

We thus need to elevate our awareness to see that nature is acting on us via this pandemic in order to increase our understanding and feeling of why it is happening.

That is, the coronavirus did not appear to merely shut us off from each other in our respective homes, and to keep a distance of a few feet from each other when we have to go outside, and also not to stop us from attending public events, and so on. It surfaced in order to nudge us toward understanding our interdependence and interconnectedness, and to adjust our relations accordingly in order to live with more mutual responsibility and consideration toward one another.

The longer the pandemic dwells among us, the more it serves to gradually establish a new, more integral and global sensation.

Other than the blow itself, which does the work of teaching us about our interdependence against our will, I also very much hope that we will succeed in raising our awareness willingly, through education.

In other words, instead of merely reacting to a problem that suddenly reveals itself before our very eyes, we can learn about the greater evolutionary process we are in, and see how we live in a global and integral nature, acting to ultimately raise us to a harmonious state of perfect connection among each other and with nature.

By understanding this bigger picture, we can then view the coronavirus pandemic as a tough lesson that nature is teaching us in a very calculated way. Similar to how we educate children, if they willingly listen to our advice, then we relate favorably to them, and they spare themselves from various deviations. However, if they do not listen to our advice, then in order to save them from greater impending blows that we can foresee, we have to act more strictly and sternly toward them.

This is why I, my students and my organization invest so much in explaining the root cause of the pandemic, and how we need to use this situation in order to readjust our approach to life. That is, by learning about how nature operates on us, we can enter into balance with nature quicker, experiencing much healthier and happier lives, on one hand, and also saving ourselves from more intense future suffering.

We would thus be wise to accept the coronavirus as a warning from nature, using it to become more like nature. That is, as nature is interdependent and interconnected, so we should realize our interdependence as parts of nature positively by increasing our mutual responsibility and consideration toward each other.

Ultimately, there is no pandemic or virus here, but a single force pressuring us out of necessity. It has no desire to burden us, but like a loving parent witnessing his or her child straying to a negative course, it needs to act more aggressively in order for us to notice what it wants from us.

One way or another, we will need to develop and become more positively connected. The question is whether we do so harmoniously by activating our minds and hearts to positively connect with others, and by reorganizing our lives so that we supply each other with the essentials we all need; or on the contrary, that we let nature’s steamroller of evolution continue catching up to us, goading us from behind to wake us up through painful circumstances.

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