In Direct Contact With The Creator

laitman_572.01Question from Facebook: What kind of contact with the Creator do we speak about? After all, contact is unilateral, the Creator has been silent for over 5,000 years now, why?

Answer: The Creator is silent and will continue to be silent. Of course He will be silent if you don’t connect to Him and don’t establish the connection.

Comment: But people have been trying to do that throughout these 5,779 years.

My Response: You can try, but if you dial a wrong number, or you call the wrong line, there is no connection.

So you imagine that you are seemingly in direct contact with the Creator and that you speak to Him and feel that He answers you. Here everything depends on a person’s imagination. This is what all religions are based upon.

Comment: But the connection is unilateral.

My Response: No. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls us to re-establish complete and absolute two-way sensory connection with the Creator through all our senses and even above them.

Question: And then there will be a concrete feeling that He answers?

Answer: Not only answers. It is a kind of connection that does not exist in our world. It is telecommunication, teleportation, whatever you like, which means that the Creator is inside me and I am inside Him.

Comment: People are asking for proof.

My Response: Go ahead! Come and get acquainted with the method of the revelation of the Creator and reveal Him. All the evidence will be right in front of you.

A few years ago the mathematician Grigori Perelman proved the Poincaré Conjecture. If you haven’t read about this research, look it up. It is not a big book. The first 300 to 400 pages introduce the actual theorem, and then a bit more about his actual revelation.

Here we speak about the Creator, while the theorem of the Poincaré Conjecture is merely about the connection between a few parameters that are not that obvious, while here it is about much more.

Question: So you mean to say that it is a complicated matter.

Answer: No. I want to say that even in the connections in our world, because mathematics deals with the connection between different quantities, it is a problem to link these things with each other. They may be on different planes, different volumes, and perceived differently, after all, we are also complicated elements of creation.

So we need to reveal and to scrutinize all that. But I promise you that eventually you will be able to be in direct contact with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/2/18

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