How Can We Know The Ultimate Goal Of Our Existence?

Laitman_198Question: How do we find out the ultimate goal of our existence? A person is limited to living in a certain country and has certain financial and physical capabilities. Where should he start the shift? Is this some kind of internal process, an internal decision?

Answer: A person will be unable to see, define, understand, or realize his final state. For example, if a two or three-year-old child suddenly saw himself as an adult on the stage of a theater conducting a huge orchestra, he would not understand what kind of person was standing there and waving a stick, while the rest were pulling strings or blowing horns.

We don’t see our final state because we don’t have any predisposition to it. We can only read about these final states, we can only imagine them in a very limited way, with certain conditions that Kabbalah sets before us, saying that we should not rush too far ahead.

See what is in front of you, the final states will be explained to you, and you will get an idea of the overall picture. But most importantly, these are the states that you must gradually realize in your spiritual progress.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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