To Discover The Meaning Of Life

Laitman_709Question: You have been studying the meaning of life your whole life. But isn’t the meaning of life unique for everyone?

Answer: That is correct. We are absolutely different from each other and we all have our own meaning of life. But in order to find it, there is a system called Kabbalah, which places a tool in our hands for how to attain our meaning of life.

Everyone has his own soul, the root of his soul, his destiny, his way to the goal, which is to discover the meaning of life, and therefore, everyone has his own path. But still, it is necessary to know how to go so as not to stall at a dead end, not to disappear somewhere, not to deviate by one degree, which later turns into a big deviation.

In order to correctly achieve the goal, you need certain guides, skills, a cane to walk with, direction, an azimuth , a map; all that is necessary for the traveller. This is with what Kabbalah supplies us.
From KabTV “News with Michael Laitman” 10/19/17

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