Where Should I Donate Money?

Laitman_514.02Question: In the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, billionaires and millionaires are donating huge amounts of money. They even compete among each other as to who will donate the most, and, naturally, announce it. For example, Bill Gates has donated $100 million, Zuckerberg $25 million, Giorgio Armani donated to hospitals, famous soccer players Messi and Ronaldo are also making donations, etc. Is it good that they donate?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, it is unnecessary to bring humanity to a state where there are those who are so poor and so rich. But if they donate, let them.

In general, the very state when there is such a division is painful. Some have $50 to $100 billion, but the poor do not know how to survive until the paycheck comes. This, of course, is a terrible and ugly system.

Remark: Such is our world.

My Comment: Yes. This is how the egoistic world positions itself. What would you do? In this case, it is good that they donate.

Question: What would you use the money for?

Answer: I would direct them only to education, to Kabbalistic education.

Question: To Kabbalistic education?

Answer: Yes, Kabbalistic education.

Question: Is this what you are telling the world now?

Answer: I say this to everyone. The world needs nothing more than to know how to balance itself with nature. It is of utmost importance. Everything else does not matter, we will manage somehow.

So if we can find this dynamic balance that changes all the time, if we can constantly balance it, if we do something to change ourselves and thus balance ourselves with nature, then nothing will ever be wrong with us.

We will always be in a comfortable state to go forward, to understand nature more and more deeply, what it requires of us, what we should become, how we should change ourselves, society, family, how to understand this nature, what it is all about, and what it requires.

Then we can see the higher mind through it and we can enter this mind, get closer to it, feel it, and start merging with it. This is the real highest stage of human development.

Question: Is that what you would spend all your money on?

Answer: All of it!

Question: What is it? Building what? Where would the money go?

Answer: On the development of the person to the level of the highest mind, to the level of the Creator.

Question: Is that from kindergarten to old age?

Answer: Only in this direction.

Question: Is it so that a person would study all the time?

Answer: Not only study. He must learn and implement it in connection with others, so that the Creator would appear among people.

Within this good connection between people, a higher power is manifested according to the extent this good connection resembles a higher power.

Question: Does it take money to get started like this?

Answer: We must create such a system of education and upbringing. This should be done so that people will want it. And even if they did not want to, they would do it as a job.

Where will you put 80% of the working population of the Earth? How will you raise your children? Everything requires a huge amount of money and effort.

Question: Is it so that we begin to feel that we are inside nature and know how to talk with it, how to breathe with it, and conduct a dialogue?

Answer: Sure. Full mutual interaction with it.

Remark: You know what they will say: “Laitman wants money for himself.”

My Comment: What does it have to do with me?

Remark: You said, “for Kabbalah.”

My Comment: I give advice. But you do not need to pass any billions through me.

Question: Will you not be an intermediary?

Answer: No way!

Question: But can you advise where to send it?

Answer: Only advise—through virtual communication systems, Zooms, without any personal contact and shared accounts.

Question: Are you now calling for a revolution in upbringing, education, and thinking?

Answer: If not this, then the next virus will lead us to it, hopefully without a world war in between. We will still come to this.

Remark: You seem to be saying: “Cure not just a person’s health, but their heart.”

My Comment: Sure. Otherwise, we will be unable to get out of this state. The virus drives us to balance with nature. This is what it tells us.

We do not realize it yet. In another month, two, or three we will begin to perceive slowly. Eventually, we will come to that.

Remark: We used to say: “We don’t know if we will witness this.” Suddenly the virus turned our thinking upside down.

My Comment: Sure. I did not imagine that there could be such an effective change in the attitude of nature toward the person, toward human society. Only the Creator can turn everything around like this.

Remark: I hope that millionaires and billionaires will hear us one day. Maybe even now.

My Comment: I hope.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/30/20

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