When It Is Useful To Lie

laitman_294.2Remark: Israeli scientists have proven that people lie in order to consider themselves honest, and for others to consider them honest. They even lie to their own detriment.

My Comment: A lie is what a person adds to the information he has in order to somehow embellish, exaggerate, his or someone else’s actions.

Remark: We know that the Torah says: “Get away from lies.” What is the lie it is necessary to get away from and what is the lie that is not necessary to get away from?

My Comment: Truth is a gradual, constantly progressing disclosure of the Creator in our world. And a lie is something that prevents this disclosure.

Remark: Kabbalah says that all qualities, all properties, are needed.

My Comment: In order to use them or not to use them.

Question: And how can a lie be used correctly for human development?

Answer: It allows us to get away from what is called a lie. Or it can be used to help people, on the other hand, with the negative.

There are things that I know and don’t say, and I even lie to others because by doing this I arouse positive qualities in them.

Question: Then could you name the main criterion for the negative quality of the lie and the positive one?

Answer: Only if you act for the benefit of a person outside of you, only in this way will you find the right criterion.

Question: But is there any principle, a person can always relying and never lose?

Answer: Here is this principle: when you act for the benefit of another person, then in the end, in the long run, you will always win. That is, take the truth as a reference and use it, and never take a lie against it. And then you will be moving toward the goal of creation.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 2/4/20

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