The Growth Of Egoism Determines Evolution

115.06Question: What is the reason that people have lost touch with each other, are afraid to unite into families, and can’t find a partner?

Answer: Egoism. There is no other force that counteracts all our supposedly good intentions and impulses. It is only our ego that makes us want more than others, in spite of others, against others. We can’t do anything about it. Fighting it is useless.

Therefore we need to know how to receive the upper force to balance the ego. This is the method of rising above egoism, which allows you to use it for the benefit of yourself and others in order to reach the level of the Creator.

Our entire evolution is the growth of egoism in us. For thousands of years, every day, egoism in humanity has been increasing more and more.

The science of Kabbalah explains how we can apply it correctly. In this we are helped by the innermost, most powerful upper force that controls everything and teaches us how to see,  evaluate, connect with everything, and use the egoistic power correctly. By acting this way, we basically change our fate.

Question: Our egoism, in fact, grows with evolution?

Answer: Of course! It is the growth of egoism that determines evolution.

Question: Where does this lead us?

Answer: Either to destruction or to the correct use of egoism.

Question: How can we make sure that this does not lead to our destruction?

Answer: Everything is already laid down in the program of nature. In the end, we will not die and will not disappear. At the last minute, our egoism will turn into the opposite of itself. It will see, feel—but this is at the very last stage—that if it does not take this step, it will perish. This will egotistically lead it to the opposite action, to a contradiction with itself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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