Opposition To Unity, Part 10

laitman_212It Is not Easy To Be Carriers of a Spiritual Idea

Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation”: Jews should present before the gentiles a novelty in the wisdom of religion, in justice and in peace. In that most gentiles are our disciples and this wisdom is attributed to us alone, and this is what they expect from the return to the Land of Israel.

One should not believe that Jews differ from other nations in their IQ, in the number of Nobel Prizes, Oscar awards, etc. The difference is that they are carriers of a cosmic idea to which all of humanity must come. This is exactly what they must discover within themselves by using the science of Kabbalah and then explain, present, and reveal to all the nations of the world.

Comment: By the way, what Baal HaSulam writes about is often used by anti-Semites.

For example: on one hand, Jews gave Jesus to the world, and on the other hand, this turned into the Inquisition. On one hand, they gave Marx, and then this led to reprisals. Dr. Freud talked about free sexual relations, and AIDS broke out. Jews invented the atomic bomb, etc.

My Response: All the good and all the bad in the world come through Jews because they are the carriers of the property of connection. But because it manifests itself in the egoistic shell, it is felt as bad.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/29/19

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