Rise Above Yourself

laitman_608.01Question: How can you convince your mind of what you want to believe in your heart?

Answer: You must abandon both the heart and the mind.

You can live neither by the heart nor by the mind because they are purely selfish. They twist us around their finger, they confuse us all the time, they do whatever they want. The only thing you can do is surrender to the upper force so that it works on us and shapes us.

To do this, we need a small group of ten people where we are connected to each other and try to connect over our egoism. Then it turns out that I surrender to the attributes of this group. And so does each of us.

Thus, in this mini-group, we create a positive force that is already around us throughout the universe. And it turns out that we assemble, as in a laboratory, a model that attracts the general positive force of nature. Through feeling its action, we unite among ourselves. We begin to be nourished by it, and our actions become better.

Question: Can we say that everything is given from above and we must surrender to this process? Today, a huge number of people are getting sick. How can they correctly relate to what is happening?

Answer: In order to correctly perceive the attitude of nature toward us and to be objective, independent of our animal properties, we still need to rise above ourselves. This means making what is called a restriction of our selfishness. Kabbalah teaches this.

When you are at least at the zero level, that is, when you have not yet mastered the next, altruistic level, but you are already rising above egoism, then you can correctly perceive the actions of nature with respect to yourself. This way, you can impart it to your children, family, and friends.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah. Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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