How Can You Enjoy Learning Kabbalah?

laitman_567.04Question: How does one enjoy learning Kabbalah?

Answer: Only by understanding the greatness of what you are doing. After all, you are studying the greatest science not only in our world, not only in the universe, but in all the worlds. This science reveals the structure of the entire universe to you, introduces it to you, and gets you into it.

At the same time, you lose the sense of life and death and you can be simultaneously in all properties and at all levels of the universe.

When you understand this, think about it, and do it, you see that you are dealing with the greatest thing in the worlds and you become acquainted with the only governing higher force—the Creator. What could be better? This should fill you with pride and joy.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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