Theory And Practical Work

laitman_281_02When studying the wisdom of Kabbalah it is necessary to be very careful so that theory does not obscure the practical work. Yet there is a problem here…

The problem is that many people delve deeply into studying Kabbalah, detached from life, and they begin to juggle and manipulate the words: Here it is written this way, there in that way.

This gives nothing to a person. This is because with this he is not changed but only enjoys the mental manipulation of all kinds of facts, but he doesn’t get what each one of them represents.

He is simply playing with empty “boxes,” on which are written: “Atzilut,” “Malchut,” “Bina,” “Zeir Anpin,” the worlds of “ABYA” and the like. In this way he is not in their inner feeling, he doesn’t work with them with his emotions and characteristics.

So it is very dangerous to present Kabbalah to a person in this way because he will begin to be involved with it only artificially, without having a connection with the friends, without being involved with dissemination, without which he will simply “rot.” It is impossible to grow on your level without developing the lower level. All of spiritual development is latent in this because the chain must pass from above to below and from below to above.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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