Fear Of Not Being Afraid Of The Creator

laitman_532Question: How can we understand what the fear of the Creator is? Is it fear of punishment for transgressions? Is it fear that the Creator will push me away, or is it another fear?

Answer: At the corporeal level, there are about 800 types of fear. But in spirituality, there is only one fear: the fear of not being afraid of the Creator.

Question: And what is worse: the fear of not being afraid of the Creator or the fear of death?

Answer: It depends on the level of the person. But, in principle, the most important thing is still in relation to the Creator. When a person is on a spiritual level, death for him is not something that causes fear.

Fear causes man to disobey the Creator because there are many egoistic obstacles that hinders a person.

Question: If a person comes to a clear comprehension of the higher force, does he still experience corporeal fears?

Answer: I do not know because I myself am not at that level yet. This is the level of absolute, complete correction. But, in principle, until the very end of correction, there remains the possibility of corporeal fears, which the Creator develops in man on purpose.

This does not determine one’s personal level but that the Creator is now developing such an attribute in him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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