A Single Source Of Fears

Laitman_198Question: It is said that fear arises from ignorance. Are they just an irritant to come to spiritual desires?

Answer: No. There are several types of fear. In The Introduction of The Zohar, Items 169 – 188” three types of fear and trepidation are examined in “The Commandments of the Torah, The First Commandment.” I recommend you read it.

 Question: How can a strong material fear serve as a springboard for my spiritual leap to the root of my soul?

Answer: In fact, there is no difference between material fear and spiritual fear. This all comes from the Creator, and therefore affects a person on all levels. This effect can pass through your family, relatives, children, your animal body, etc.

Question: Why does a person freeze when feeling intense fear?

Answer: Fear paralyzes, it does not allow you to move and does not allow you to act. After all, acting means making some decisions, doing something. And a man who is afraid can do nothing. Fear against all actions.

Question: If fear is so necessary for revealing the Creator, why do we need security?

Answer: In order for us to feel the need to overcome our fears.

Question: How does one correct the deafening fear of disappointing the Creator into trembling before Him?

Answer: This is corrected in the group. With the correct study of Kabbalah, such problems do not arise.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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