Sweden Is Trying To Integrate Retirees And Immigrants

Laitman_419Question: They are always conducting experiments in Sweden. Lately, they have decided to settle pensioners with immigrants. Those who came up with the idea believe that it will help elderly people cope with the feeling of loneliness and, at the same time, it will help immigrants integrate in the country and in the new culture. What do you think about this plan?

Answer: I think it is a good plan for the mutual destruction of both of them.

Question: Does this mean that you believe it is impossible to integrate the two groups?

Answer: It is impossible to integrate the two groups. Even people who share the same religion, the same values in life, and the same culture that stem from the same nation, people who understand each other without words, cannot live in peace with each other. Here, on the other hand, they are trying to do something that is totally contradictory, as if from another planet. How will they live together!? What for?

Question: Do you believe that the retirees will feel lonelier and the immigrants will be even more distant?

Answer: The pensioners will suffer! Both groups will turn into wild beasts. In nature, there is the law of equivalence of form. Mutual closeness is based on resemblance. This means that we get closer to someone to the extent that we resemble him, and we draw away to the extent that we differ. This is the law in simple free space. If you begin to bring people who are different from each other together, shock waves and imbalance will begin to appear between them until they reach an actual explosion. So why do that? The people who do that do not have any idea what they are dealing with. It will be impossible to erase the shock with money or whiskey.

Question: Do you think that not even psychology will work here?

Answer: No. It will take several generations before these groups of people begin to resemble each other. This means that they will bring about the divisiveness of society and other horrible outcomes. Who would let that happen?! Would I send my relatives to live in such conditions?! Near immigrants?!

The immigrants are not to blame for any of this either. They have their own values and their own attitudes toward life; a different perspective and a different mentality. They do not understand Northern Europeans. At best, they come from Southern Europe, Africa, or Asia.

This is horrible. Who has come up with such an idea?! It shows a total lack of understanding of the laws of nature.

Comment: Now I understand that this goal will not be achieved.

My Response: Not only will it not be achieved, it will come to states in which the police will have to patrol everywhere there.

Question: There is a problem with lonely people in Sweden, especially retirees. What would you do if you had all of the options at your disposal, in order to mitigate the situation a little so they would not be lonely?

Answer: The Swedes should engage with other Swedes, that is all! They should take the younger generation or the unemployed, teach them, and then employ them as social workers.

Question: And what would you do with the immigrants? This is also a problem in Sweden. How should they integrate them into the society?

Answer: They need to put them in intensive, serious study frameworks from morning till evening, for the whole day, study frameworks for the kids, for teens, and for adults. A very large number of people are needed for that.

Question: So the problem will not simply be resolved with time?

Answer: No, it will not be resolved. There will be new problems such as street gangs, drug abuse, and everything else we see in such situations. It is all due only to the lack of the right approach.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 1/13/20

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