Europe And Demographic Decline

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Demography Report): “Demographic change in Germany is marked by low birth rates and a declining population size.

“The population of Germany has been shrinking since 2003 and is now 81.7 million residents.

“According to models of the Federal Statistical Office, Germany’s population will decline to 65-70 million by 2060. …This trend is also accompanied by a decline in the working-age population.

“While the population is declining, the age structure is also shifting. …In 2060, every third person (34%) will be at least 65 years old.

“There are two reasons for population ageing: Germany has had low birth rates for many years.

“In addition, average life expectancy in Germany, as in other industrial countries, has steadily risen over the past 150 years by about three months per year.

“This trend will affect almost every area of life, society and public policy, giving rise to new challenges to social cohesion and economic prosperity in Germany over the long term.”

My Comment: The global integral crisis will force us to change and become a society of total interdependence, in which humanity will no longer be divided into countries and civilizations. So the problem of the aging of the Old World will disappear by itself.

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