Through Similarity Of Properties

laitman_608.02Question: The Creator or nature, as one and the same thing, constantly influence us, mostly through material problems. And if I myself want to connect with this force, should I become similar to it according to the law of similarity of properties?

Answer: Naturally

Question: But I cannot understand through these problems what this force wants from me. For this, do I have to rise to its level?

Answer: It is necessary to rise above these problems, to their source.

Question: If I became equal to the property of the Creator in some percentage, the property of bestowal, will I understand the design of nature?

Answer: Yes. As you rise above your desires to the source of your so-called problems, you comprehend Him and begin to understand the meaning of His actions.

Comment: It is interesting that if we talk about the similarity of properties at the physical level, then equally charged particles repel each other. But there is another example, with a radio receiver that catches waves by the equivalence of properties. And it turns out that the higher the level of nature, the more this law works as if in the opposite way. The Creator is a property of bestowal, we are a property of reception. Does it turn out that I can become like Him only through the transformation of intention, while the reception itself remains?

My Response: You can be the opposite of the Creator: He is the giver, you are the receiver. But if your intentions coincide, then you are together, although you are opposite in actions.

Question: Do I always remain opposite to Him? If He is plus, I am minus, I do not become a plus too?

Answer: No. You simply perform the action at the request of the Creator and thus become equal to Him, although your action is the opposite. But you do this because you want to coincide with Him. Action is not important, what is important is the motive, what we call intention.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/20

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