Kabbalistic Terms: “Masach“

laitman_234Masach (screen) represents the anti-egoistic force that a person gains with the help of the upper light.

A person, as if, puts on a screen on his desire and then can work with it in the opposite direction and act kindly toward others and the Creator. He is then able to work for bestowal without receiving any pleasure for his own sake.

Question: What is the problem with receiving for your own sake?

Answer: By this you separate from the Creator, you stop feeling the upper world and limit yourself only to the sensation of our world.

Remark: But this is how the Creator created us.

My Response: He created us such that from this state we would rise to Him, return to the state of merging with Him.

Question: Why was this even hidden? Why haven’t the sages taught this for the past thousand years?

Answer: In order to create the illusion of freewill in a person.

Remark: But if I were taught this at school, I would know that I do not have freedom of choice.

My Response: You cannot accept these things in your childhood and have them exist in you automatically. You must desire them yourself.

There were generations when people were taught this from a young age and they had no problems. But these were the first generations. And now, with our enormous selfishness, we must begin our journey long before the Machsom, before the manifestation of the Creator, before we understand where we are and whom we are dealing with. This is a part of our correction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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