Police Officers And Criminals During The Coronavirus

Laitman_408Question: In a social-media post, the Salt Lake City Police Department asked for “all criminal activities/nefarious behavior to cease” due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The news report says: “We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in halting crime and thank you criminals in advance.”

How do you like that? What a human approach toward criminals!

Answer: It should be human. They are addressing their colleagues.

Comment: “You do your job, we do ours.”

My Response: Of course. Police officers and thieves. They know each other well, complementing and completing each other. Very good! I think that it will work.

They are showing them that they are considered equals, partners in this difficult time, difficult for everyone! Let’s cooperate in order to make the population healthier. Afterward, if you wish, you can go back to your duties, as we will return to ours.

Comment: What a wise approach! I was stunned. There is absolutely no hatred for the criminals, on the contrary: Let’s cooperate.

My Response: They have a mutual understanding. They really understand each other. It is only the layman who is clueless about either of them.

Question: This too is the doing of the virus?

Answer: Yes. See what a useful thing this virus is? I just hope it doesn’t leave, I hope it keeps us locked up longer and longer, and longer! Until we wise up.

Question: Then crime may come to an end?

Answer: Of course. The virus will clear everything up. How many times have we read Rabash’s article about that which you consider to be a punishment, feeling that the Creator is striking you, sending you suffering, actually is not so! He is sending you corrections! Sending you medicine! With its help you’ll be corrected and reach upper life! This is what is in store for us.

The main thing is to always understand and strive for it, to remain together with this thought. To be grateful to the Creator for teaching us. He will forgive the fact that we are a bit dense and don’t understand yet how this happens to us.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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