I Am Looking For A Person Like Myself

laitman_626Remark: I tried to find information on the Internet about the principle of similarity of qualities, but I have found almost nothing.

My Comment: Because there are no clear indications of this in our world. But we can see the example of a child with his mother: he receives from his mother and she enjoys it at the same time. If he had enough understanding to rise above his desires and do what his mother wants, how big their conjugation would be.

Question: For example, should a married couple be similar in their qualities or should they be different so it would be easier for them to complement each other?

Answer: Nature is established in such a way that the more we develop, the more our egoism develops inside us, and therefore we become more and more opposite to each other.

We can see how difficult it is in our world to build communication between people in families, within countries, between peoples, and between countries. There is an ever-increasing dissociation, separation, and estrangement because the egoism is increasing in every individual person.

Question: But it is better to try to find a person more similar to you in qualities, isn’t it?

Answer: It will not work. If you find someone like yourself now, in a couple of years it will be revealed how different you are. People should have some common goal that is more important than their estrangement.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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