What Does The Creator Want From Man?

laitman_283.02Comment: We turn to the Creator all the time. It is said that He reacts even to our egoistic desires.

Answer: The entire system of the universe is built in a way that you do not have any connection whatsoever with anyone but the upper force that surrounds, bathes, and fills everything up. That is why any of your aspirations and hopes are still directed at it.

But prayer is your individual tuning to a personal relationship with Him.

Question: There are eight billion people on earth and everyone wants something. Some lack clothes or food, others health, some want money, and still others, knowledge. And everyone turns to that force at a given moment even unknowingly. Is this also called a prayer?

Answer: Of course. All the created beings, including plants, little bugs, animals, it does not matter what and who, have an absolute connection with the Creator, let alone human beings. But we are expected to reach a conscious connection with the Creator. He desires that we establish a conscious relationship with Him.

Question: But essentially, He senses all our desires, doesn’t He?

Answer: We all exist within Him, completely attached to Him. All our feelings, desires, everything that we do, everything that happens, all of it is within Him. We are within Him.
From KabTv’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/20

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