Why Does A Kabbalist Need To Seclude Himself?

Laitman_721.02Question: In your book Always with Me, you describe how Rabash used to seclude himself for a few days. We also see that both Buddha and monks did the same. They went away from people and engaged in their work. What is the meaning of such seclusion?

Answer: The fact is that such things also happen to most ordinary people. For example, writers as a rule seclude themselves in their office, sit, and create. It is thus better to leave them alone, and not to interfere. This is natural.

But for a Kabbalist this is twice as natural because solitude for him is a process of a very serious self-introspection. It is necessary in order to understand more than himself, his connection with creation and the Creator.

There is a special technique for how to penetrate deeper into the universe, to reveal it, to evoke its influence upon oneself, and to bring this sensation to a state of obtaining clear comprehension of what is happening and not just sensations.

We are talking exactly about comprehension which can be clothed in words and possibly, even drawings, charts, and formulas.

Kabbalists delve deeper into themselves and through themselves into an enormous whole world. Everything is ahead of you.
From KabTV’’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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