Whom Do We Pray To?

Laitman_052Question: If the Creator is the law of nature, then to whom or to what do we pray? Do I understand correctly that we simply resonate with our higher states when we raise a prayer for others?

Answer: We do not work in a void. We work with regard to the only law of nature, the integral relationship between all elements of creation.

If we, who are so fragmented and distant, who push each other away and desire to use each other, change our behavior and become closer to each other, then we will find ourselves in a spiritual state and see that we are in a completely different world.

We need to rise above our egoism and begin to unite among ourselves. Kabbalah speaks about this.

The path to this can be twofold. One is the path of suffering, which we are still walking on, or the path of light, i.e., attracting the upper light and training in small groups, not all of humanity, but through the tens.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/22/19

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