To Whom Should I Pray?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur problem is that we don’t know how to imagine the Creator: Are we supposed to just imagine something to ourselves? And here we forget the principle of “I dwell among My people” and that “from love of the created beings” one comes “to the love of the Creator.”

Thus, if I want to bring pleasure to my Maker, I have no other choice to come closer to and imagine it correctly but to build a group, to connect with it, and to increase its importance so that it turns into the most important and appreciated thing in my eyes, something above all this reality, like godliness.

And then the connection between the friends will manifest within me like the upper force, by which I am impressed, to which I pray to, and from which I ask. And all my work will be only for this purpose.

Otherwise, only pretty words will remain: “To bring contentment to the Creator,” “with selfless intentions,” “not for the sake of receiving a reward,” “adhesion with the Creator,” and so on. With whom will I be in adhesion, to whom will I bestow?  All these concepts will remain completely unclear and vague for me, they will be something I can’t realize and will disappear from my sensation.

Thus, when we speak about the Creator and are constantly confused about how to relate to such an elusive concept that our senses can’t perceive, we need to remember that it is the general force that manifests within the group. This upper force is actually the Creator.

So why is it said that there is no one but man and the Creator and the relations between them? Where is the group here? And here one needs to remember that it is not a group of different people. Only one general soul exists, and man needs to make efforts in order to return to the correct perception of reality. And then he will see that all of this is his individual soul, and the general force that fills his soul is the Creator.

One needs to go slightly above corporeal vision that shows us physical bodies in our corporeal world, which are seemingly before us and have been given to us only for the purpose of the work. Try to imagine to yourself a higher dimension, all of reality as your one Kli (vessel), one desire, which is separated into multiple parts in your imagination called “evil inclination.” But thanks to your efforts to connect these parts together, you will discover the general force within that connection, and it will be called your Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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