Building The Future Society, Part 9

laitman_552.03Integration at the Level of Love

Baal HaSulam, Building the Future Society, Chapter 3, Item9: In other words: except for the matter of “Love thy friend as thyself,” each nation may follow its own religion and tradition, and one must not interfere with another.

If in the society of the future people will have some kind of religious or philosophical interests, they can easily engage in them.

The main thing is love your neighbor as yourself. This law is several degrees above all other laws, all kinds of conditions and artificial tricks.

The fact that people engage in meditation, imagine the spiritual and the future in the form of social cults, does not matter. The main thing is that there is a connection between everyone at the level of love. For the rest, do what you want.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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