“Garbage” Food

The food waste is the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. EU alone throws out more than 12 billion tons of food per year. In order to prevent food waste, in England, a new project has been developed: a certain time before the food has to be thrown out by restaurants and cafes, it is available for home delivery. Will such an approach give a good example and help to solve the food distribution problem in the world?

It is true, a so-called Pagpag (“garbage” food) is gaining popularity in the world. It does have a minor impact on the food-related issues, however, dealing with the consequences of the problem does not solve the root breach. We are still inclined to over-consuming and discarding the products, while a vast number of people are hungry, malnourished, etc.

What is the optimal solution?

In order to distribute food correctly, we need to learn how to consume correctly. We are required to create such of social education environment, where, even one wakes up every morning an egoist, he is pushed into the awareness that he is just a small part of a huge system and that he depends on it as well as it depends on him. This needs to be explained to a person on a daily basis, at every opportunity, through all information channels, so we all realize how we influence the world and take our responsibility on how to make it a better and happier place.

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