Resist Egoism, Think About Connection


We are still in exile, inside our egoistic desire that separates us. However, it is known that in order to implement the method of correction, we must organize ourselves in tens, as we did after the exodus from Egypt when Jethro came to Moses and started arranging the people of Israel in tens.

We do not yet feel that there is a special force in the ten, and therefore, we are disappointed in it and do not understand why we need it. However, the fact is that the Creator must be revealed in the connection between us. Ten desires (precisely desires and not people) want to discover the Creator, and for this, they display a good attitude toward each other in order to connect and become “as one man with one heart” with respect to the spiritual goal.

Between these tens and the Creator hidden between them, there is a restriction. The Creator is hiding behind the screen as if behind an opaque glass that does not let Him be seen. But He is in the middle, in the center of the ten. To the extent that the friends can connect and influence the Creator, the surrounding light, the quality of bestowal and mercy, the Creator is revealed to them.

All this occurs between them in the center of the ten. There are strict laws that help us fulfill the condition of equivalence of form. Therefore, our work is to make a common effort to create the surrounding light, as it is written: “In Your light shall we see light.”

The surrounding light, which comes from above as a result of our efforts, makes the opaque glass transparent, and we see the Creator behind it revealed in the connection between us in the ten.1

We want to connect with each other without paying attention to any differences. Of utmost importance is the aim for one common goal and feeling that with this aspiration we build “the field that the Creator has blessed” between us. Therefore, a certain field appears between us, woven from our efforts and aspirations to come closer to each other.

We do not yet see anything in this field except our attempts to build and feel the Creator. However, to the extent that we exert, we begin to feel that a new force operates in this area, the surrounding light, generated above the will to receive. Each one rejects one’s personal egoism and above it reaches out to others, and in this way, we create our common reflected light, which builds a field between us and opens up the opportunity to manifest on it the force of bestowal, unity, love, that is, the Creator.

It is as if I want to look through a window, but it is completely opaque and I cannot see anything through it. However, if I can resist my egoism and think about connection, about the benefit of the ten, and the purpose of creation, then I generate the reflected light that makes the opaque glass transparent. Then I see the Creator on the other side of it, not as a person, but as qualities that I begin to recognize.

In fact, I do not recognize the Creator; rather, I build Him, as it is written: “As though you have made Me.” I mold the Creator out of my desires for bestowal.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/20Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”
1 Minute 3:05
2 Minute 19:45

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